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Smart Filmmaking course

Smart Filmmaking UK

Learn how to make a micro budget film from award-winning Hollywood producer and director Roger Corman.

Delivery method: Attendance
Private Tutor: Yes
Duration: 1 day
Price: £765

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This intensive one-day filmmaking seminar, led by award-winning and world-famous Hollywood director and producer, Roger Corman and leading film producer and film financier, Kieran Corrigan, and their film industry guest speakers will guide you through the craft and business of smart filmmaking. This course will teach you the essential skills necessary to make a cost-effective film.

Who should do this course?

This course is for participants who want to "step into" the filmmaking industry as either an independent filmmaker, producer or director, working to a tight budget. Attendees may wish to use the knowledge gained as an additional skill within their employment, to support their clients and grow their business, or may see this as a stepping stone or a foundation course to take the next step into the film industry.

When is the course run?

For specific course dates please contact us.

Experienced Instructor

This is a bespoke service catering for all skill levels, where participants will have the opportunity to engage with the highly experienced course instructors Roger Corman, an award-winning film director and producer with over 40 years' experience at the highest level, and Kieran Corrigan, a leading film producer and financier.

What is covered in the course?

This practical, hands-on, immersive course in contemporary filmmaking will bring you through the creative and business processes of smart filmmaking.

You will be given a unique insight into Corman's filmmaking philosophy and be given practical lessons in the pre-production, production and post production of a budget conscious film.

You will be given an insight into future challenges and strategies in today's film world.

You will explore financing sources, as well as budgetary issues and challenges.

You will look at existing film tax incentives and sales and distribution issues and strategies.

Also included:

During the course you will have opportunities to network in an informal setting with fellow attendees, tutors and representatives from the film and TV industry.

You will also be invited to join the IFS Alumni Association where you can continue to exchange information, share tips and receive exclusive offers and invitations to events.

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Student Testimonials

I am very happy with my course.

Justina J. Student no. BMA 12281

I feel an awful lot more confident having completed my course. I feel encouraged and inspired to continue.

Elizabeth C. Student no. CWA9256